The luxe bedding collection your furry friends have been waiting to get their paws on:

Fetch Luxury Pet Bedding

Introducing our exciting new Fetch pet bedding and accessories collection. We’ve created a luxury collection of pet accessories because we believe every family pet needs a special place of their own, a comfortable place they can retreat to at night, or a safe place to nap throughout the day.

The Fetch Comfort Pet Collection will help your furry friend feel comfortable, safe and loved with a stylish mat of their own to sit or sleep on. Perfect for the car, lounge, floor, sofa or chair in your home, the Adairs Pet collection allows you to easily personalise their mat with our range of beautiful mat covers and pet bedding accessories, all available in on-trend colours and luxe textures to seamlessly match your home’s interior. The accessories include a warm blanket for them to snuggle into, and soft pillow for them to rest their small heads upon after a big day of playing.

Our new Fetch Comfort Collection of pillows and blankets are suitable for all pet sizes – small to large, whilst the Snuggle Mat is suitable for pets up to 25kg’s. Each product available in the new range is completely affordable and conveniently machine washable; made from materials of the highest quality - ensuring the ultimate comfort and durability for your pet day in and day out, whilst they relax or sleep.

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Your Fury Friend’s Travel Buddy...

for the car, on the floor, on the sofa or chair.

Snuggle Mat - Inner

The Snuggle Mat Inner has flexible panels, allowing the mat to easily bend into different shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect pet bed to place in the car and protect the interior when you and your buddy go travelling, and perfect for folding and bending into place over sofas, chairs and lounges, protecting your furniture from fur, stains and odours. Complete with a 1170GSM, this Snuggle Mat provides added structure and height, allowing for luxury comfort for your pet when placed on the floor.



             Handy Storage Option...

The Snuggle Mat can be hidden away nicely. With storage straps included, you’ll be able to easily roll the mat up when your pet isn’t using it, making it a convenient storage solution in your home, if space is limited. The Mat features a cotton casing for added comfort and breathability, keeping your pet cool in the warmer months, and warm in the cooler months. It’s also completely machine washable and stain resistant for up to 15 washes, making it the ideal bed base for your best buddy.

Snuggle Mat - Cover

Our stylish covers help you to personalise your pet’s Snuggle Mat. Coming in two beautiful textures and designs to choose from; vintage washed linen in Grey Marle and a soft velvet style in Brick Red or Coal, our Snuggle Mat Covers will easily match the interiors of your home and look great in any space. All our Snuggle Mat covers are completely machine washable (compatible with a front loader or industrial washing machine only), and include a gusset which provides extra comfort and style.

Snuggle Throw

Our Snuggle Throw is the ultimate luxe accessory for your pet’s bed. With one side featuring a beautiful Ultra Soft material and the other a Sherpa material, your furry friend can snuggle up under their blanket, feeling warm and cosy and right at home. Coming in two on-trend hues to choose from; silver or pink, they’re completely machine washable and sized to fit dogs, cats and pets of all sizes – small to large.

Fetch Pillow

They have a bed and a blanket, all that’s missing is the pillow to support their cute heads! The Fetch Pillow allows for added comfort for your best buddy whilst they rest after a long day of running and playing. Made with 300GSM, the pillow is made for the perfect height for them to really relax and unwind. With a stain resistant treatment added lasting up to 15 washes, this pillow is completely machine washable (front loader or industrial standard) and features a cotton casing for breathability. The Fetch Pillow truly is the extra comfort your furry friend was waiting for in their bed.

Fetch Pillowcases

Protect their little heads with our Fetch Comfort Collection Pillowcases. Completely machine washable and stain resistant up to 15 washes, our pillowcases come in two stylish designs to choose from - vintage washed linen in grey marle and a soft velvet style in brick red or coal, allowing you to complete your look or mix and match the pillowcase with your Snuggle Throw and Mat Cover.